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Artist Bio

Melisa Pacheco Is a known Las Vegas Artist. She began exploring her talent for art from early childhood. What began as a hobby eventually blossomed into a full time passion.  Over the course of a few years, Melisa started out as a pencil/charcoal artist which eventually transitioned to painting both acrylic and oil pieces. She is a self-taught artist who expresses her talent in each of her pieces. People all around the U.S. have commissioned Melisa after being entranced by her artwork. Her hard work and dedication allowed her to open LV Painting Classes where she's able to bring out the best in her students. Her goal as an artist is to create pieces that embrace women, their strength,  self confidence and to inspire up and coming artists. I also love doing commission art. Send me your photos and I can turn them into cherished paintings.

Melisa Pacheco

Melisa is now the CEO of Busy Bee Art Foundation in Las Vegas Nevada.

Busy Bee Art Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Eliane Balsewich. As an artist, she believes that art and creativity exists in everyone. Art is essential for brain development in young children and adults. Our goal is to continue reaching hospitals, senior centers, underprivileged schools and organizations for special needs children and adults.

Busy Bee Art Foundation was created to nurture the creativity of all individuals through our Outreach Programs.

Melisa is taking on the challenge of continuing the outstanding work performed by this organization.

 "Earth without ART is just EH".

 -Demetri Martin

Busy Bee Art Foundation